How It Works

Greener golf is a new initiative from the GUW, part funded by The R&A, and developed by STRI.  It aims to provide high quality, golf-specific, environmental advice to all Welsh golf clubs and encourages golf clubs to form an environmental sub-committee and to generate an environmental policy document.

The website has two main elements:

1. An interactive Environmental Policy Generator

The Environmental Policy Generator allows golf clubs to develop a written record of their environmental objectives  and to bring about legal compliance and environmental improvements at the golf club.

2. Resources

The Resources section provides legislation guidance, management advice, funding sources, case studies, interactive tools and links to external websites. 

Getting the most out of Greener Golf


To get the most out of the Greener Golf website, we recommend that golf clubs follow a three stage process:

Stage 1: Form an environmental sub-committee

Golf clubs are encouraged to bring together a group of motivated individuals to develop an environmental policy document for the golf club and to bring about environmental improvements at the golf club.

Who should be involved?

The environmental sub-committee will work best when all aspects of the golf club are represented, including the clubhouse, the maintenance facility and the golf course.

We have suggested seven key representatives that together encompass the whole of the golf club business, but sub-committees may contain more or less than this:

  • The Secretary

  • The Course Manager

  • The Club Professional

  • Chef/Restaurant Manager

  • Bar Manager

  • Office Manager

  • Golf Course Member(s)

No prior environmental knowledge is needed, as the information sections within The GUW Environmental Toolkit should provide all the information you will need.  The most important requirements for any sub-committee member are commitment and enthusiasm!

Stage 2: Generate an Environmental Policy Document

The environmental sub-committee can generate an environmental policy document for their golf club by answering questions on the current management practices and environmental performance of their golf club.  These questions are accessed through the ‘Questionnaires’ section of the website.

Each question has a selection of ‘tick box’ answers for the sub-committee to choose from - so it is quick and simple to fill in and requires no prior environmental knowledge.

Once the sub-committee member has filled in each of the online questionnaires, the answers will be used to automatically create a bespoke environmental policy document for each golf club.  This contains a set of general polices which the GUW hopes will be taken up by all Welsh golf clubs and a set of specific polices that have been tailored to each golf club’s current environmental performance.

The Environmental Policy Document can be presented to the golf club membership and adopted by the golf club to provide a written record of the club’s environmental aspirations and the means by which these can be achieved. 

If this all seems a bit daunting, remember that:

  • The actions suggested under the Environmental Policy Document will be tailored to the current environmental performance of the golf club and should be attainable for each individual golf club.

  • Case study policies will be available so that club’s can see what is involved before they start  and golf clubs can review the policy document before it is finalised.

  • Golf clubs can reject any policy statements they feel are not right for their club.

  • The resources section of the website is designed to provide help and advice.

Stage 3: Search the resources

The resource section of the website provides information to help golf clubs to implement their environmental policy document.  Resources include legislation guidance, management advice, potential sources of funding, case studies, interactive tools and links to external websites.

The policy document will suggest areas of the Resources where the club should look to improve their knowledge.


The potential benefits of Greener Golf


To the environment:
  • Protect our global resources: efficient use/re-use of raw materials, energy and water

  • Reduce pollution to create a pleasant local environment in which to live and play golf 

For the golf club:
  • Increased efficiency - cost savings/time savings

  • Elevated status/prestige

  • Staff motivation and job diversity

  • Meet members and public expectations